Take Down the Federalism Scarecrows

MENA Arena

There are a lot of things to fear in Lebanon these days.
A federal state is not one of them.

Most of the political leadership in Lebanon portrays a potential federal state as a calamity.

Propelled and enriched by thesectarian nature of government, political elites have mounted the scarecrows every time the notion of a Lebanese Federation has gained traction.

They deliberately equate federalism (a mixed system of national and regional governments within a country) with partition (breaking a country into multiple independent states) and use each term interchangeably. They claim that Lebanon is too small and ill-prepared to be a federation. Warlords and religious figureheads, worried about their stature, influence and complicity, caution that such a system will ignite sectarian tensions, dismantle institutions and fuel intrastate conflict.

But they’re wrong.

Perhaps more importantly, they’re terrified.

At every critical junction, the current establishment has brandished theTaif Accord

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Published by Assaad Mrad

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