Published work: A network model links wood anatomy to xylem tissue hydraulic behavior and vulnerability to cavitation

Click here to access this work. This work was discussed in a previous blog post: Xylem Network Model and the code used also has a description: Readme: Xylem_Network_Matlab  

Readme: Xylem_Network_Matlab

This post is meant as a guide to the Github code used in the research article published in Plant, Cell, & Environment (link for paper to be added). Access the code by clicking here. In this article Introduction Classes How to use Example Introduction Research on plant hydraulics is advancing at great pace and fromContinue reading “Readme: Xylem_Network_Matlab”

Xylem Network Model

Without water plants can’t photosynthesize. Without photosynthesis plants can’t produce the sugar required to grow or produce the fruits and vegetables so many organisms depend on, including all of us. To become better informed on how plants will react to our ever-changing climate, investigating the fragility of plant water use and its adaptive capabilities isContinue reading “Xylem Network Model”