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Mrad, A., D. M. Johnson, D. M. Love, J.-C. Domec (2020). The roles of vessel redundancy and connectivity in angiosperm hydraulic function. submitted. OSF Preprints | The roles of conduit redundancy and connectivity in xylem hydraulic functions

Mrad, A., G. Katul, D. Levia, A. Guswa, E. Boyer, M. Bruen, D. Carlyle-Moses, R. Coyte, I. Creed, N. van de Giesen, D. Grasso, D. Hannah, J. Hudson, V. Humphrey, S. Iida, R. Jackson, T. Kumagai, P. Llorens, B. Michalzik, K. Nanko, C. Peters, J. Selker, D. Tetzlaff, M. Zalewski, B. Scanlon (2020). Peak grain forecasts for the U.S. High Plains amid withering waters. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 117 (42) 26145-26150

Katul, G., A. Mrad, S. Bonetti, G. Manoli, and A. Parolari (2020). Global convergence of COVID-19 basic reproduction number and estimation from early-time SIR dynamics. PLOS ONE 15(9): e0239800.

Cardoso, A., L.-M. Billon, A. Fanton Borges, L. Fernández-de-Uña, J. Gersony, A. Güney, K. Johnson, C. Lemaire, A. Mrad, Y. Wagner, G. Petit (2020). New developments in understanding plant water transport under drought stress. New Phytologist, 227, 1025-1027.

Mrad, A., G. Katul, S. Manzoni, M. Lindh, G. Vico & R. Oren (2020). Recovering the metabolic, self-thinning, and constant final yield rules in mono-specific stands. Frontiers in Forests and Global Change, 3, 62.

Mrad, A., S. Sevanto, J-C. Domec, Y. Liu, M. Nakad, G. Katul, 2019, A dynamic optimality principle for water use strategies explains isohydric to anisohydric plant responses to drought. Frontiers in Forests and Global Change 2, 49.

Mrad, A., J.C. Domec, C.W. Huang, F. Lens, and G. Katul, 2018, A network model links wood anatomy to xylem tissue hydraulic behaviour and vulnerability to cavitation. Plant, Cell & Environment 41 (12), 2718-2730.

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Verified record: Nature communications, New Phytologist, Plant Cell & Environment, Oecologia, Frontiers in Plant Science (3)

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