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Mrad, A., D. Levia, G. Katul (2020). Interpreting lead-lag times between peak water and peak grain: a dynamical system perspective. Submitted

Mrad, A., G. Katul, S. Manzoni, M. Lindh, G. Vico & R. Oren (2020). Recovering the metabolic, self-thinning, and constant final yield rules in mono-specific stands. Submitted

Mrad, A., S. Sevanto, J-C. Domec, Y. Liu, M. Nakad, G. Katul, 2019, A dynamic optimality principle for water use strategies explains isohydric to anisohydric plant responses to drought, Frontiers, 49, 2, doi:

Mrad, A., J.C. Domec, C.W. Huang, F. Lens, and G. Katul, 2018, A network model links wood anatomy to xylem tissue hydraulic behaviour and vulnerability to cavitation, Plant, Cell, and Environment, 41, 2718-2730; doi: 10.1111/pce.13415

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Verified record: Nature communications, New Phytologist, Plant Cell & Environment, Frontiers in Plant Science (2)

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